John Deere PowerTech Engines

John Deere Generator
‘At home on the water’, John Deere offers some of the most affordable marine products on the market. John Deere’s range includes powerful propulsion engines, strong generator drive engines and useful auxiliary engines, all of which are clean to run and affordable to maintain.


John Deere PowerTech engines are built for long life, reliable performance, fuel efficiency, quiet operation, ease of access to main parts, and simplified integration. They give you the power you need when you’re on the water. Choose reliable John Deere engines from 56 to 559 kW (75 to 750 hp).

56 – 168 kW115 – 298 kW213 – 410 kW272 – 559 kW
75 – 225 hp154 – 400 hp285 – 550 hp365 – 750 hp

Click here to download the John Deer Marine brochure.


‘With John Deere PowerTech engines, everything runs clean and efficiently — above and below deck.

John Deere marine engines offer closed crankcase vents that eliminate undesirable gases in the engine room and keep the bilge clean.’

For a full list of John Deere engine ratings ranging from the 4.5L to the 13.5L PowerTech engines, as well as emissions standards, propulsion M ratings, load factor and more download the John Deere Marine Applications Diesel Engine Ratings brochure below.

Click here to download the John Deere Engine Ratings brochure.

We sell and distribute a range of marine diesel engines. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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