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With over 30 years of experience in the engine and generators industry, Lister Petter engines are made from top quality stuff. Peninsula Power is a proud supplier of Lister Petter products for the South African continent, offering our customers this globally recognizable brand that’s synonymous with quality, performance, and reliability. Most often used in the marine and industrial industries, Lister diesel engines & generators come in an array of sizes for a broad spectrum of applications.

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One of the leading diesel engine manufacturers globally, Lister Petter is renowned for producing both standard and custom engines and generators, often used for pumping and electricity generation in the industrial sector, and irrigation for the agricultural sector. Lister engines also come in sizes perfectly designed for the marine engine industry and has catered for small to large vessels alike with engines perfectly matched to their requirements. Peninsular Power offers rapid turn-around time to get this equipment to you, minimising the effects of operational downtime.

These engines use water-cooling or air-cooling systems and come fitted with standard parts that make them easier to repair and replace. Lister Petter diesel engines are also mechanical, which makes them far easier to troubleshoot during repairs. This lessens the costs for repairs and makes for faster turn around times. These engines can run reliably for several hours, and with their long service lives are guaranteed to power your operations consistently. And with a one-year warranty for the unlikely event of a failure, your engine is in good hands.

For flexible design, reliable operation and critical applications both on the sea and along the coast, look no further than a Lister Petter diesel engine.

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