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Peninsula Power Products supplies the full range of Twin Disc marine gearboxes and Allison automatic transmissions.
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Twin Disc Transmissions

With 100 years of putting horsepower to work in the marine industry, Twin Disc has crafted over 100 marine transmission models. From 35 to a whopping 4000 horsepower, there’s a transmission that’s sure to deliver the right power for you.

Twin Disc Transmitters Offer:

  • Quiet Operation and Helical Gearing Fluid, quick shifting with hydraulic, oil-cooled clutches Full power and identical reduction ratios in forward and reverse Minimal external plumbing Down-angle output and remote or direct-mounted V-drive models World famous reliability and global after-sale service
  • Twin Disc are also the proud manufacturers of their patented QuickShift® internal clutch actuation. It provides smooth, fasting shifting, all the while allowing for supreme slow speed control. This groundbreaking technology also delivers cushioned torque,and phenomenal power in the blink of an eye.
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Allison Automated Transmis4sions

Allison Transmission v3
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With brand values planted firmly in customer satisfaction and reliability, Allison Transmissions are fully automatic, delivering on unbridled power and reliable performance. Allison transmissions are also built to last, designed to be durable and resistant even in the toughest conditions.


Don’t just work Harder, Work Smarter.

Allison has produced a range of transmissions that cater to a number of vehicles and machinery, no matter the application. From transporting kids to school to navigating wartorn trenches and pits, there’s an Allison transmission for your field. And each engine is build to optimise productivity.

They do this by working smarter, with built in Smart Controls offering both intelligence and strength. Allison electronic control packages go a long way in increasing efficiency, minimizing fuel costs and consumption, reducing maintenance costs and improving safety overall.

Allison Electronic Control features include:

  • Conserving fuel by reducing the load on the engine when a vehicle is stopped
  • Automatically putting the gear into neutral when the parking brake is applied
Identifying and choosing the optimum shift points based on load and terrain
  • Restricting the vehicle acceleration rate, when desired by the fleet, to manage aggressive driving

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