PPP offers a range of marine and land-based generator sets from 5kva to 1000kva please contact us for your specific requirements.


‘At home on the water’, John Deere offers some of the most affordable marine products on the market. John Deere’s range includes powerful propulsion engines, strong generator drive engines and useful auxiliary engines, all of which are clean to run and affordable to maintain.


‘For auxiliary power from 40 to 416 kW (54 to 558 hp), John Deere generator drive engines deliver quiet, smooth operation that never lets you down. You may even forget they are aboard until you turn on the lights or plug in an appliance. This quiet reliability is why John Deere has become the preferred provider of generator drive engines worldwide, producing more engines in our power range for marine generators than any other manufacturer. They are available in 1500 rpm for 50 Hz and 1800 rpm for 60 Hz configurations.’

40 – 416 kW
54 – 558 hp


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‘From 36 to 448 kW (48 to 600 hp), John Deere PowerTech engines can be used to run vessel auxiliaries such as pumps,winches, deck cranes, hydraulics, and generators. With displacements from 2.9L up to 13.5L, finding an engine that fits your application has never been easier. We’ve got you covered when it comes to emissions, with engine models available in every required emissions level, from noncertified engines up to current tier levels.’ Note to Milos: This will go in the GENERATOR section too as far as I can tell. Use the images from the PDF.

Click here to download the product brochure.