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For the best quality diesel generators South Africa provides, choose Peninsula Power Products. When it comes to back-up power generators, you really require something that is completely reliable.

Peninsula Power Products offers one of the largest ranges of diesel generators South Africa currently has available. Because of this, you are sure to find the perfect diesel generator to suit your specific needs. The variety of diesel generators on offer, come in varying sizes and power strengths. 

PenPower’s diesel generator suppliers have well equipped staff as well as the latest technology for the manufacturing of the generators and the spare parts. We have diesel generators for sale across South Africa and surrounding countries.

Diesel generator brands:

Best Diesel Generators Cape Town, South Africa has on offer and how they can help you!

Peninsula Power Products is your major supplier for diesel generators in South Africa. Whether you realise it or not, Peninsula Power Products’s diesel generators play an important back-up role in general society. With load shedding and power cuts, back-up electricity is of utmost importance to certain individuals and particular industries. In fact, there are certain industries in which diesel generators are an absolute must.

All hospitals need to own generators in order to keep life-saving machines going during an electric emergency. Those in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants and hotels, can definitely benefit from diesel generators in order to maintain the highest in customer service at all times. Construction companies require massive amounts of power when on the job, and most times a convenient electric point is not available.

Baudouin has 100 years’ experience in researching, designing and manufacturing the highest quality engines for marine applications. We are present in 48 countries around the world and we are one of the top manufacturers of marine engines in Europe. Our products comply with the latest environmental standards.

Our whole on board power range is built from the origin on particular marine specifications with a special attention to:

  • Operational costs reduction through product lifecycle
  • Simple logistic management with high components standardization level
  • Easy access and user’s friendly maintenance
  • Optional equipment suitable to each installation particular needs

Perkins is a world renowned supplier of diesel generators boasting durability and quality at a very competitive price. Perkins generators are usually a preferred choice in African Countries due to the wide availability of spare parts and service components. As the leading Perkins generator supplier in South Africa, at Pen Power we provide our customers with only the best quality Perkins generators ranging from the Perkins Mecc-Alte 403-11G to the Perkins Leroy Somer 4016-61TRG3. Contact us today with your queries.


Whether you need a diesel generator for home, business or industrial use, Lovol generators are the perfect fit as they come in a wide range of different power levels. Lovol generators are silent and made from the highest quality OEM components. Lovol generators are reliable and one of the most trusted brands in South Africa, contact us if you have any questions regarding our Lovol generators.


Iveco generators are well known in South Africa for their quality, durability and a competitive pricing structure compared to similar diesel generators. Iveco generators is also a versatile choice; covering smaller uses such as trailers to commercial construction sites. Contact us today if you have any queries!


Scania Generators are of the most commercially used diesel generators in the industry known for their uses in remote mines, airports and hospitals. The Scania generator has given prime power to many crucial locations and the demand for Scanian diesel generators is vastly growing. When purchasing a Scania Generator you experience a diesel generator made from years of robust technology that requires minimum service and maintenance equaling less down – time increasing productivity. An added bonus would be the fuel efficiency that is carried by a Scania Generator, contact us today for more information on our diesel generators.


John Deere, a world famous leader in the agricultural industry; proudly distributed by Penpower! Penpower is the leading John Deere Generator distributor in South Africa and with over 100 years within the industry it comes as no surprise to find that their diesel generators are of the fastest selling generators in today’s market. John Deere’s leading diesel generators help provide better diagnostics, engine monitoring, and recovery ensuring a decrease in noise and vibration. Contact us today and allow us to assist you in finding the perfect John Deere generator for your specific needs.


Inspiring confidence and “keeping the lights on” Cummins Generators have established an undeniable name for themselves among state of the art technologies. With a range of generators; namely home standby generators, commercial industrial solutions and mobile applications Cummins generators supplies standby power, distributed power generation and auxiliary power for a wide range of needs. Contact us today for any queries on our Cummins Generators.


From propulsion solutions to generator sets and auxiliary engines – Volvo generators are designed to suit all applications with tailored solutions to meet all domestic or commercial needs.

Known around the world for unquestionable reliability, Volvo generators are also available throughout southern Africa – making aftersale support, servicing and finding spare parts a breeze.

Designed to run with the greatest efficiency and give you optimum performance levels Volvo generators are the perfect value solutions for all your standby and prime power needs.

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