Penpower Diesel Generators only uses top diesel engine brands

For the best quality diesel generators available on the market since 1965, choose Penpower Diesel Generators , with the largest range of diesel engines South Africa has to offer. This guarantees that you’ll find the ideal generator to meet your needs, with a variety of sizes and strengths available from the following brands.

Best Diesel Generators Cape Town, South Africa has on offer and how they can help you!

Our diesel generators make for ideal backup generators to get you through power cuts and load shedding. Not only is downtime a loss of income and productivity, but there are a number of industries and businesses where you can’t afford to have the lights go out, such as hospitals and hotels.
With 100 years of experience in the diesel engines and generators industry for both industrial and marine use, Moteurs Baudouin offers powerful generators to keep your operating costs low and improve performance. They’re renowned for their easy access and user-friendly maintenance and operation, making them simple to manage and maintain… Read More
World-renowned for their low cost but high quality, durable diesel generators, Perkins is a fan favourite across a broad range of industries. It’s especially popular across the African continent, with parts and service components always readily available. We stock an extensive range of powerful Perkins generators to meet your operational needs… Read More
Applicable for a range of uses and industries, from industrial to home use, Lovol generators come in a variety of sizes and power outputs to meet your needs. They’re remarkably quieter than competing brands and are renowned for their reliability and high-quality OEM components. This makes them one of the most trusted brands in South Africa… Read More
Competitively priced and well known for their quality and durability, Iveco FPT is a popular brand that has its place in the automotive and agricultural industries. These generators are reliable and versatile, with a wide range of power outputs to meet your requirements no matter what industry you’re in. Iveco FPT engines have both agricultural as well as… Read More
Scania Generators are some of the most commercially used diesel generators in the industry, used in remote mines, airports and hospitals to name a few. The Scania generator has many crucial applications, and with years of technical innovations, they require minimal servicing and maintenance to max out your productivity… Read More
A world-famous leader in the agricultural industry, John Deere generators are renowned for their power and user-friendliness, allowing you to effectively monitor and run diagnostics on them. Some of our fastest selling generators, they’re quieter than most generators, with fewer vibrations that can also cause damage to components… Read More
Inspiring confidence in their generators by “keeping the lights on”, Cummins Generators are popular state of the art pieces of technology that can be used in a wide range of industries, from home backup generators to commercial and industrial generators. They even have mobile versions for versatile standby power solutions… Read More
Volvo is an iconic brand that doesn’t just specialize in cars, their range of generators are just as popular. Known for their unshakable reliability, they offer after sale support and services, making it easier than ever to find spare parts. Highly efficient for optimum performance levels, Volvo generators are the perfect value solutions for standby… Read More

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