Iveco FPT Powered Generators / PenPower Iveco FPT Generators

Iveco powered generators are well known in South Africa for their quality, durability and competitive pricing. Iveco FPT engines have both agricultural as well as automotive bases which bodes well for reliability as well as aftermarket support. PenPower Iveco FPT generators is also a versatile choice; covering a power range from 30 – 660kVA for use in retail, industry and many other applications. Contact us today if you have any queries!

Download Iveco/FPT Engine information

ModelEngine MakeEngine ModelAlternator makeAlternator modelControllerPrime kWePrime kVaStandby kWeStandby kVaPPframeOpenEnclosed
PPi35.5DIveco FPTF32AM1AMarelliMJB160MB4DSE4520MK2253228352POAPOA
PPi55.5Iveco FPTNEF45AM1AMarelliMJB200SB4DSE4520MK2405044552POAPOA
PPi66.5DIveco FPTNEF45SM1AMarelliMJB200MA4DSE4520MK2486053663POAPOA
PPi88.5DIveco FPTNEF45SM3MarelliMJB225SA4DSE4520MK2648070883POAPOA
PPi110.5DIveco FPTNEF45TM2AMarelliMJB225MA4DSE4520MK280100881104POAPOA
PPi140.5DIveco FPTNEF67M1MarelliMJB225LA4DSE4520MK21021271121404POAPOA
PPi190.5DIveco FPTNEF67TM4MarelliMJB250LA4DSE4520MK21381731521905POAPOA
PPi220.5DIveco FPTNEF67TE2AMarelliMJB250LA4DSE4520MK21602001762205POAPOA
PPi275.5DIveco FPTC87TE1DMarelliMJB250LB4DSE4520MK22002502202756POAPOA
PPi330.5DIveco FPTC10TE1DMarelliMJB315SA4DSE4520MK22403002643306POAPOA
PPi385.5DIveco FPTC13TE2AMarelliMJB315SB4DSE4520MK22803503083856POAPOA
PPi440.5DIveco FPTC13TE3AMarelliMJB315MA4DSE4520MK23204003524407POAPOA
PPi500.5DIveco FPTCR13TE7WMarelliMJB315MB4DSE4520MK23644554005007POAPOA
PPi660.5DIveco FPTCR16TE1WMarelliMJB355MA4DSE4520MK24806005286608POAPOA
Prices listed are not an official offer and are for budget puposes only.
Please contact PenPower for an official offer. Prices listed are subject to change with out notice.
Prices listed exclude VAT, are in ZAR and valid ex works PenPower Cape Town (EXW INCO terms 2010)

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