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Power outages are a very real threat. Businesses cannot afford to lose time and money, or worse, valuable machinery or inventory, during load-shedding or blackouts. As one of South Africa’s top diesel generator manufacturers, we welcome the responsibility of manufacturing only the most reliable generators to ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Thus, PenPower is the leading manufacturer of Perkins powered diesel generators in South Africa. For decades Perkins engines have been renowned for their quality; these machines offer durability and strength for less, while never compromising on performance. They are a leader in the diesel engine industry, always innovating and broadening their already significant range of engines.

To keep these high-performance machines ready and working for when you need them most, we also offer an extensive range of Perkins generator parts for your peace of mind. No matter the occasion, we have the part for you, and should all else fail, we won’t rest till that part is ordered for you.

For more information on warranty, feel free to talk to us in-store or contact us.

If you’re looking for the perfect backup power, or looking to upgrade your current generator, you can find our highly-detailed Perkins generator price list below, with all the essential details ranging from the alternator make to the kVAs for each model. This allows you to pick the perfect generator for your needs.

For those looking for manuals or other operational information on these engines, you can find them here. Should you require more information on these engines, you can find out more on their applications and ranges on their official website.

PenPower supplys a range of Perkins powered diesel generating sets. We are one of the leading Perkins generator providers in South Africa. Contact us for your diesel generator needs.

ModelEngine MakeEngine ModelAlternator makeAlternator modelControllerPrime kWePrime kVaStandby kWeStandby kVaPPframeOpenEnclosed
PPp15.5DPerkins403-15GVoltazzSLG164CDSE4520MK2111412151R105 000.00R116 000.00
PPp17.5DPerkins403-15G2VoltazzSLG184EDSE4520MK2121514171R109 000.00R120 000.00
PPp22.5DPerkins404-22GVoltazzSLG184EDSE4520MK2162018221R115 000.00R126 000.00
PPp33.5DPerkins1103GVoltazzSLG184GDSE4520MK2243026332R132 000.00R150 000.00
PPp50.5DPerkins1103TG1VoltazzSLG224DDSE4520MK2364540502R150 000.00R168 000.00
PPp66.5DPerkins1103TG2VoltazzSLG224EDSE4520MK2486053662R167 000.00R185 000.00
PPp88.5DPerkins1104TG2VoltazzSLG224GDSE4520MK2648070883R186 000.00R205 000.00
PPp110.5DPerkins1104TAG2VoltazzSLG274CDSE4520MK280100881104R215 000.00R235 000.00
PPp150.5DPerkins1106-70TG1VoltazzSLG274EDSE4520MK21091361201504R245 000.00R270 000.00
PPp165.5DPerkins1106-70TAG2VoltazzSLG274FDSE4520MK21201501321654R270 000.00R295 000.00
PPp200.5DPerkins1106-70TAG3VoltazzSLG274GDSE4520MK21451821602005R305 000.00R330 000.00
PPp220.5DPerkins1106-70TAG4VoltazzSLG274HDSE4520MK21602001762205R335 000.00R360 000.00
PPp660.5DPerkins2806A-E18TAG1ALeroy SomerTAL047EDSE4520MK24806005286608POAPOA
PPp730.5DPerkins2806A-E18TAG2ALeroy SomerTALE47FDSE4520MK25406755847308POAPOA
PPp825.5DPerkins4006A-23TAG2ALeroy SomerTAL049CDSE4520MK2600750660825NAPOAPOA
PPp880.5DPerkins4006-23TAG3ALeroy SomerTAL049CDSE4520MK2640800704880NAPOAPOA
PPp1100.5DPerkins4008TAG2ALeroy SomerTAL049EDSE4520MK280010008801100NAPOAPOA
Prices listed are not an official offer and are for budget puposes only.
Please contact PenPower for an official offer. Prices listed are subject to change with out notice.
Prices listed exclude VAT, are in ZAR and valid ex works PenPower Cape Town (EXW INCO terms 2010)

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