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Power outages are a very real threat. Businesses cannot afford to lose time and money, or worse, valuable machinery or inventory, during load-shedding or blackouts. As one of South Africa’s top diesel generator manufacturers, we welcome the responsibility of manufacturing only the most reliable generators to ensure you’re never left in the dark.
Thus, PenPower is the leading manufacturer of Perkins powered diesel generators in South Africa. For decades Perkins engines have been renowned for their quality; these machines offer durability and strength for less, while never compromising on performance. They are a leader in the diesel engine industry, always innovating and broadening their already significant range of engines.

Perkins Dealer

To keep these high-performance machines ready and working for when you need them most, we also offer an extensive range of Perkins generator parts for your peace of mind. No matter the occasion, we have the part for you, and should all else fail, we won’t rest till that part is ordered for you.

For more information on warranty, feel free to talk to us in-store or contact us. If you’re looking for the perfect backup power, or looking to upgrade your current generator, you can find our highly-detailed Perkins generator price list below, with all the essential details ranging from the alternator make to the kVAs for each model. This allows you to pick the perfect generator for your needs. For those looking for manuals or other operational information on these engines, you can find them here. Should you require more information on these engines, you can find out more on their applications and ranges on their official website.
PenPower supplys a range of Perkins powered diesel generating sets. We are one of the leading Perkins generator providers in South Africa. Contact us for your diesel generator needs.

ModelEngine MakeEngine ModelAlternator makeAlternator modelControllerPrime kVaStandby kVaPrime kWeStandby kWeOpenEnclosed
PPp10.5DPerkins403A-11G1Leroy SomerTAL040BDSE6110/2091078R120,909.42R133,432.00
PPp15.5DPerkins403A-15G1Leroy SomerTAL040CDSE6110/2013151012R126,030.75R138,553.33
PPp22.5DPerkins404A-22G1Leroy SomerTAL040DDSE6110/2020221618R133,789.42R146,312.00
PPp33.5DPerkins1103A-33GLeroy SomerTAL042CDSE6110/2030332426R157,900.09R178,440.00
PPp50.5DPerkins1103A-TG1Leroy SomerTAL042FDSE6110/2045503640R172,421.42R196,268.67
PPp66.5DPerkins1103A-TG2Leroy SomerTAL042HDSE6110/2060664853R190,846.75R216,165.33
PPp88.5DPerkins1104A-44TG2Leroy SomerTAL044BDSE6110/2080886470R222,205.21R243,233.33
PPp110.5DPerkins1104C-44TAG2Leroy SomerTAL044DDSE6110/201001108088R259,524.22R284,442.67
PPp150.5DPerkins1106A-70TG1Leroy SomerTAL044HDSE6110/20135150108120R320,840.22R340,140.00
PPp165.5DPerkins1106A-70TAG2Leroy SomerTAL044JDSE6110/20150165120132R340,012.22R361,728.67
PPp200.5DPerkins1106A-70TAG3Leroy SomerTAL046ADSE6110/20180200144160R382,529.55R410,072.00
PPp220.5DPerkins1106A-70TAG4Leroy SomerTAL046BDSE6110/20200220160176R409,476.22R443,316.67
PPp275.5DPerkins1206A-E70TTAG3Leroy SomerTAL046DDSE6110/20250275200220R479,177.55R575,343.28
PPp330.5DPerkins1506-E88TAG5Leroy SomerTAL046FDSE6110/20300330240264R638,444.30R758,009.00
PPp450.5DPerkins2206A-E13TAG3Leroy SomerTAL047ADSE6110/20410450328360R718,006.11R837,570.81
PPp550.5DPerkins2506A-ETAG2Leroy SomerTAL047CDSE6110/20500550400440R818,859.75R964,961.78
PPp660.5DPerkins2806A-E18TAG1ALeroy SomerTAL047EDSE6110/20600660480528R1,078,402.75R1,224,504.78
PPp715.5DPerkins2806A-E18TAG2Leroy SomerTAL047FDSE6110/20650715520572R1,171,449.41R1,317,551.45
PPp770.5DPerkins2806A-E18TTAG4Leroy SomerTAL049BDSE6110/20700770560616R1,231,621.41R1,377,723.45
PPp825.5DPerkins2806A-E18TTAG5Leroy SomerTAL049CDSE6110/20750825600660R1,325,109.41R1,471,211.45

All prices for budget purposes only, not official pricing. Please contact PenPower for firm prices. Prices are subject to change with out notice. Budget pricing calculated on a VAT excluded and ex works PenPower Cape Town Basis

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