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Scania Powered Generators are of the are leaders in the range 250 – 600kVA making them ideal for use on mines, airports and hospitals. The PenPower Scania generators are ideal for prime power applications due to their excellent fuel efficiency, servicing cost as well as their ability to run at light loads. It is true that  many crucial locations demand Scanian powered diesel generators. When purchasing a PenPower Scania Generator you are assured of the highest build quality, contact us today for more information on our diesel generators.

ModelEngine MakeEngine ModelAlternator makeAlternator modelControllerPrime kWePrime kVaStandby kWeStandby kVaPPframeOpenEnclosed
PPs280.5DScaniaDC9 02-11MarelliMJB250LB4DSE4520MK22042552242806R372,334.08R425,009.99
PPs335.5DScaniaDC9 02-13MarelliMJB315SA4DSE4520MK22443052683356R411,116.55R475,790.27
PPs410.5DScaniaDC13 02-11MarelliMJB315MA4DSE4520MK22983733284106R463,299.25R527,972.96
PPs460.5DScaniaDC13 02-12MarelliMJB315MA4DSE4520MK23354183684606R490,356.94R555,030.65
PPs500.5DScaniaDC13 02-13MarelliMJB315MB4DSE4520MK23644554005007R592,784.15R669,462.14
PPs550.5DScaniaDC16 10-24MarelliMJB355SA4DSE4520MK24005004405507R662,361.07R739,039.06
PPs610.5DScaniaDC16 10-28CMarelliMJB355SB4DSE4520MK24445554886108R733,208.54R809,886.53
PPs660.5DScaniaDC16 02-41MarelliMJB355MA4DSE4520MK24806005286608R836,929.69R913,607.68
PPs715.5DScaniaDC16 02-42MarelliMJB355MA4DSE4520MK25206505727158R879,448.92R956,126.91
PPs770.5DScaniaDC16 02-43Mecc-AlteECO40-VLDSE4520MK25607006167708R1,088,179.69R1,164,857.68
Prices listed are not an official offer and are for budget puposes only.
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Prices listed exclude VAT, are in ZAR and valid ex works PenPower Cape Town (EXW INCO terms 2010)

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