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Volvo based in Sweden manufacture inter-alia diesel engines for use in generators at their factories in Sweden and Germany. These engines are what power the PenPower PPv range of Volvo generators. PPv range spans 100 to 770kVA and offers engines with EU Tier 2 and 3 emission ratings. Support for this product is vast and the whole of southern Africa and response time is speedy. Volvo is a good match for PenPower Volvo generators because of the high quality of the engine is match to the high quality of the manufacture and materials used in PenPower diesel generators. Contact us today for any queries on your PenPower Volvo Generators.

ModelEngine MakeEngine ModelAlternator makeAlternator modelControllerPrime kWePrime kVaStandby kWeStandby kVaPPframeOpenEnclosed
PPv95.5DVolvoTD520GEMarelliMJB225SA4DSE4520MK2698676954R196 000.00R241 000.00
PPv110.5DVolvoTAD531GEMarelliMJB225MA4DSE4520MK280100881104R218 000.00R263 000.00
PPv145.5DVolvoTAD532GEMarelliMJB225LA4DSE4520MK21051321161454R235 000.00R280 000.00
PPv172.5DVolvoTAD731GEMarelliMJB250MA4DSE4520MK21251561381724R265 000.00R310 000.00
PPv205.5DVolvoTAD732GEMarelliMJB250LA4DSE4520MK21491861642055R320 000.00R380 000.00
PPv220.5DVolvoTAD733GEMarelliMJB250LA4DSE4520MK21602001762205R335 000.00R395 000.00
PPv275.5DVolvoTAD734GEMarelliMJB250LB4DSE4520MK22002502202755R370 000.00R445 000.00
PPv350.5DVolvoTAD1341GEMarelliMJB315SB4DSE4520MK22553182803506R425 000.00R500 000.00
PPv385.5DVolvoTAD1342GEMarelliMJB315SB4DSE4520MK22803503083856R450 000.00R525 000.00
PPv415.5DVolvoTAD1343GEMarelliMJB315MA4DSE4520MK23023773324156R475 000.00R565 000.00
PPv460.5DVolvoTAD1344GEMarelliMJB315MA4DSE4520MK23354183684607R500 000.00R590 000.00
PPv500.5DVolvoTAD1345GEMarelliMJB355SA4DSE4520MK23644554005007R600 000.00R690 000.00
PPv560.5DVolvoTAD1641GEMarelliMJB355SA4DSE4520MK24075094485607R640 000.00R730 000.00
PPv630.5DVolvoTAD1642GEMarelliMJB355SB4DSE4520MK24585735046308R740 000.00R830 000.00
PPv700.5DVolvoTWD1643GEMarelliMJB355MA4DSE4520MK25096365607008R930 000.00R1030 000.00
PPv770.5DVolvoTWD1645GEMarelliMJB355MB4DSE4520MK25607006167708R1 000 000.00R1 100 000.00
Prices listed are not an official offer and are for budget puposes only.
Please contact PenPower for an official offer. Prices listed are subject to change with out notice.
Prices listed exclude VAT, are in ZAR and valid ex works PenPower Cape Town (EXW INCO terms 2010)

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