Baudouin Generator 26KVA

The Baudouin 26KVA generator is a diesel-powered generator that delivers a prime power output of 26KVA and a standby power output of 28.6KVA. It is equipped with a 3-cylinder Baudouin 3M26.3 engine and a Leroy Somer TAL-A41-D6 alternator. The generator comes with a Deep Sea DSE4520 controller and produces a voltage of 400/230V with a frequency of 50Hz. It features a water-cooled cooling system and has a fuel consumption rate of 5.6 L/hr at 100% load. The generator has an 80L fuel tank capacity and a sound level of 68 dB(A) at a distance of 7m. It has a weight of 900kg and measures 2200mm x 920mm x 1360mm (L x W x H). Overall, the Baudouin 26KVA generator is a reliable and efficient power solution for various applications.

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Baudouin 26KVA generator specifications

Prime Standby Engine Alternator
Model Phase kWe kVA kWe kVA Make Model Make Model
PPb26.5D 3 18,9 23,6 20,8 26 Baudouin 4M06G26 MeccAlte ECP28-VL4C


The Baudouin 26KVA generator is a versatile and reliable power solution that offers high performance, efficient operation, and advanced control features. It is powered by a 3-cylinder Baudouin 3M26.3 diesel engine and features a Leroy Somer TAL-A41-D6 alternator that delivers stable and reliable power output. The generator is equipped with a Deep Sea DSE4520 controller that provides advanced monitoring and control capabilities, and it is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The generator is enclosed in a weather-resistant canopy and has a robust steel frame for protection against the elements and to reduce noise levels. With its wide range of applications and dependable performance, the Baudouin 26KVA generator is an excellent choice for standby power, prime power, or backup power in various settings, including small businesses, residential buildings, off-grid locations, and critical facilities.

In addition to its reliable performance and advanced features, the Baudouin 26KVA generator is also designed with energy efficiency in mind. With a fuel consumption rate of 5.6 L/hr at full load, the generator is highly fuel-efficient, which helps to reduce operating costs and minimize its environmental impact. The generator also features a high-capacity fuel tank that provides extended run times and reduces the need for frequent refueling. Overall, the Baudouin 26KVA generator offers a balance of power, efficiency, and durability that makes it a practical and cost-effective solution for a wide range of power generation needs.

In conclusion, diesel generators such as the Baudouin 26KVA generator offer a reliable and efficient source of power for a wide range of applications, from small businesses and residential buildings to off-grid locations and critical facilities. The Baudouin 26KVA generator, in particular, is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, advanced control and monitoring features, and a durable and weather-resistant design. Its energy efficiency helps to minimize operating costs and reduce its environmental impact, while its extended run time and easy maintenance make it a practical and convenient power solution. With these features and benefits, the Baudouin 26KVA generator is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a dependable and cost-effective source of backup or primary power.

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