Commercial load shedding backup power


Diesel Generators, since its inception in 1965, has been supplying the highest quality diesel generators available on the market, and are known as South Africa’s leading supplier.  Our generators, targeted to numerous different industries and clients, ensure that you’ll find the right generator for your needs.  We all know that loadshedding is here to stay and our main aim at Penpower is to ensure that you have the necessary backup power supply and that you don’t have any downtime at your factory, warehouse, mall, hospital, or any industry for that matter.

The impact of loadshedding on the economy

Much research has been done, and reports filed, on the detrimental effect that load shedding is having on the South African economy. It is said that loadshedding costs the country R500 million per stage, per day.  Without backup power supply solutions in place, many industries are affected, including retail, manufacturing, medical facilities as well as many other businesses.

The benefits of Diesel Generators

As management or owners of large companies, we understand that you are wanting the best solution for high-quality options to keep your business operational during load shedding and ensure you have the most effective backup power supply. Diesel generator sets are a prevalent type of business backup power that turns on immediately when the power goes off. This is a suitable alternative for ad hoc power outages in places that can’t afford to be without electricity, such as hospitals, retail outlets, and factories. To continue with your day-to-day business, ensuring you don’t have backlogs when the power returns, any form of a generator may suffice. However, a diesel generator, on the other hand, has numerous substantial benefits over its competitors. Here are just a few reasons to think about getting a diesel generator as a backup power solution:
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Longer Run Time

  • Diesel generators are designed to deliver large amounts of power for an extended period of time. The motors can run for much longer than a normal petrol engine due to their efficient engine design and low fuel usage. This is just one of the many reasons why a backup power generator is an ideal solution for ensuring continuous power even if the local power infrastructure has failed.

Fewer Maintenance Needs

  • Diesel generators have different motor structures than other types of generators. Diesel models, in particular, lack spark plugs and carburetors. This design choice simplifies and improves the engine’s efficiency, requiring only preventative maintenance and refueling to keep the generator running.

Less Noise

  • Diesel motors consume less power and therefore operate significantly quieter than their competitors due to their superior efficiency. Don’t allow the constant generator noise to disrupt your clients, workers, or patients. Give yourself some peace by using a quieter model.

Effects on the Health of South Africans due to power outages

In addition, load shedding is placing a negative impact on South Africans health. Numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide are seeing an increase in health concerns caused by load shedding and power outages, due to the increase of crises and stress caused by the lack of electricity.  The factors determining this are as follows:
  • Food safety – when one’s fridge and freezer keep switching off, this leads to food being spoilt and therefore unfit for human consumption.
  • Refrigeration of medication – many people rely on medication, especially those with HIV and TB.  Medication can expire without appropriate refrigeration, resulting in additional costs for patients as well as potentially catastrophic health consequences.
  • Traffic – causing much frustration when traffic lights do not have backup power, people are stuck in traffic longer, accidents occurring and overall stress by being late for work, etc.

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