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Perkins Generators: Your Trusted Power Partner

With Power outages posing a very real threat to businesses and their operations, Penpower is proud to offer a selection of the top brands of diesel generators to power your business, including the world-renowned Industrial Perkins Generators range. Businesses cannot afford to lose time and money, or worse, valuable machinery or inventory, during load-shedding or blackouts. But with the support of backup diesel generators, you can keep the power on when load shedding kicks in, offering a reliable source of electricity. As one of South Africa’s top diesel generator manufacturers and suppliers, we welcome the responsibility of offering only the most reliable generators to ensure you’re never left in the dark.

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Delve into our expansive collection of Industrial Perkins Generators, synonymous with reliability and innovation. Our curated range is designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial sectors, providing a seamless power solution irrespective of the challenges thrown their way.

Perkins frequently asked questions:

  • Why choose Industrial Perkins Generators?
    • With a heritage of engineering excellence, Industrial Perkins Generators are a hallmark of reliability and performance.
  • What power capacities are offered?
    • Our range provides a vast spectrum of power capacities to cater to different industrial requirements.
  • How do these generators ensure environmental sustainability?
    • Adhering to stringent emissions standards, Perkins generators reflect a commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • What kind of after-sales support is available?
    • Offering robust after-sales support to ensure your generator performs optimally throughout its lifecycle.
  • How do Industrial Perkins Generators compare to other brands?
    • With a reputation for engineering excellence, Industrial Perkins Generators stand tall amidst the competition, offering unmatched reliability and value.


Invest in Industrial Perkins Generators and empower your operations with uninterrupted, reliable power, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the modern industrial landscape.