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Volvo Generators: Powering Progress

Volvo isn’t just renowned for its innovative and safe range of vehicles, but its powerful Industrial Volvo Generator engine-powered as well. PenPower is proud to offer an extensive range of PPv Industrial Volvo Generators, spanning 100 to 770kVA. These engines boast EU Tier 2 and 3 emissions ratings for the environmentally conscious, and their Swedish power generation and reliability make them famous in the industry. Their power range makes them suitable for both prime and standby power sources; no matter the use, Volvo generator sets won’t let you down.

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Explore our broad spectrum of Industrial Volvo Generators, meticulously engineered to deliver steadfast power in the most demanding environments. Our range spans from 100 to 770kVA, offering prime and standby power solutions tailored to meet diverse operational demands.

Volvo frequently asked questions:

  • What sets Industrial Volvo Generators apart?
    • Known for their innovative engineering and reliable power generation, ensuring seamless operations.
  • What power capacities are available?
    • Ranging from 100 to 770kVA to cater to various industrial needs.
  • How do these generators ensure environmental responsibility?
    • Boasting EU Tier 2 and 3 emissions ratings, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly operations.
  • What kind of support is provided post-purchase?
    • Exceptional after-sales support ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • How do Industrial Volvo Generators compare to other brands?
    • Renowned for their Swedish engineering and reliability, setting a high industry standard​